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Informal Project Management:

PM Triple ConstraintsWinston Churchill was heard to say “There is nothing wrong with change, if it is in the right direction.”



GraspDescribe the different types of "Project Management." There are two types:

1. Informal Project Management

2. Formal Project Management


Select a link following, to understand PM types:

Informal Project Management -- does not follow an established process, e.g. could include dealing with an emergency caused by a defective refrigerator's leaking ice maker ...

Formal Project Management -- does follow a well defined established process. is a temporary work effort undertaken to create a new object/service, e.g. getting a college degree

Important point: Project management ... either formal/informal type -- begins as a "concept;" taking an idea that will:

What would you like to do?

  • 1. PM Objective:
  • 2. Initiating:
  • 3. Planning:
  • 4. Executing & Controlling:
  • 5. Closing:
Grasp the process
... following the Concept
Content 3
Content 4
Content 5


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1. Grasp the process

Grasp the process

GraspDo Concept, Plan, Implement, Test, Launch, Close ...

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