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PM Triple Constraintsas Ben Franklin stated: "All human situations have their inconveniences. We feel those of the present but neither see nor feel those of the future; and hence we often make troublesome changes without amendment, and frequently for the worse."


This panel's talking points:

GraspDescribe the different types of "Project Management." There are two types:

1. Start with Concept

2. Perform Informal Project Management

3. Perform Formal Project Management



Select a link following, to understand PM types:

Informal Project Management-- does not follow an established process, e.g. could include dealing with an emergency caused by a defective refrigerator's leaking ice maker ...

Formal Project Management-- does follow a well defined established process. is a temporary work effort undertaken to create a new object/service, e.g. getting a college degree, rebuilding the Mayan temple in Tulum, Mexico, etc.

Start with Concept:

Important point: Project management ... either formal/informal type -- begins as a "concept;" taking an idea that will:

FRM-040: Rebuild New Tulum Main Mayan Temple

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  • 1. PM Objective:
  • 2. Initiating:
  • 3. Planning:
  • 4. Executing & Controlling:
  • 5. Closing:

Proposed Main Tulum Mayan TempleConcept: Rebuild Main Mayan Temple

Contact Tulum Temple Clerk for bid specifications, current building code requirements, etc.

deadline date for final bid: Winter Solstice, (21 Dec 2012 Gregorian)

Risk Alert!!!
Please don't attempt this project with out a sufficient quantity of bee's honey, limestone, sand, and water. Advise labor personnel to work safely and keep fingers on their hands!!!